3 August 2024

12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

This course is an exciting and immersive experience to introduce the fundamentals of programming.

Programming 1

  Date TBA 

  Time TBA

This is the second course in Programming expounds on the Basic Programming Course. Basic Programming  is a prerequisite.

Programming 2

 Date TBA

  Time TBA

This is the advance course in Programming. It expounds on  Programming 1.  Programming 1 is a prerequisite.

BASIC PROGRAMMING Summer youth Bootcamp

Saturday 6 July 2024

 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

This course is an exciting and immersive experience to introduce the fundamentals of programming. 


 5 October 2024

12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

This course is an exciting and immersive experience to introduce the fundamentals of programming.

Introduction to Python

Date TBA

Time TBA

This is a foundational course in Python to  guide learners through the essential components of the programming language. 


The Girl In The Gap Academy offers a comprehensive suite of training services designed to enhance career, workforce, and professional development. These services cater to individuals looking to improve their skills and advance in their careers, as well as organizations aiming to boost the capabilities of their workforce. Here’s a detailed overview of their offerings:

1. **Career Development Programs**:

   - **Career Coaching**: Personalized coaching sessions to help individuals identify their career goals, create actionable plans, and navigate career transitions.

   - **Resume and Cover Letter Workshops**: Hands-on workshops to craft compelling resumes and cover letters that stand out to employers.

   - **Interview Preparation**: Training sessions focused on improving interview skills, including mock interviews and feedback.

2. **Workforce Development Initiatives**:

   - **Skills Training**: Courses and workshops designed to develop specific job-related skills, such as technical skills, soft skills, and industry-specific competencies.

   - **Certification Programs**: Training that leads to industry-recognized certifications, enhancing employability and professional credibility.

   - **Internship and Apprenticeship Programs**: Structured programs that provide real-world experience and practical skills in various industries.

3. **Professional Development Courses**:

   - **Leadership Training**: Programs aimed at developing leadership skills, including strategic thinking, team management, and decision-making.

   - **Communication Skills**: Workshops to enhance verbal and written communication, presentation skills, and interpersonal interactions.

   - **Time Management and Productivity**: Training sessions focused on improving efficiency, prioritizing tasks, and managing time effectively.

4. **Specialized Training for Women**:

   - **Women in Leadership**: Programs specifically designed to address the challenges faced by women in leadership roles and to foster female leadership in the workplace.

   - **Entrepreneurship Training**: Support and guidance for women looking to start and grow their own businesses, including business planning, funding strategies, and market analysis.

   - **Work-Life Balance**: Courses that provide strategies for managing professional responsibilities while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

5. **Technology and Digital Skills Training**:

   - **Digital Literacy**: Courses aimed at improving basic digital skills necessary in today’s workforce, such as using office software, email, and internet research.

   - **Advanced IT Training**: Specialized training in areas like coding, data analysis, cybersecurity, and other high-demand tech skills.

6. **Networking and Mentorship Opportunities**:

   - **Networking Events**: Regular events and meetups to connect individuals with industry professionals and peers for networking and collaboration.

   - **Mentorship Programs**: Pairing participants with experienced mentors to provide guidance, support, and industry insights.

7. **Diversity and Inclusion Training**:

   - **Cultural Competency Workshops**: Training to foster an inclusive workplace environment, improve cultural awareness, and address unconscious bias.

   - **Diversity Management**: Programs designed to help organizations implement effective diversity and inclusion strategies.

8. **Customized Corporate Training Solutions**:

   - **Tailored Training Programs**: Customized training solutions based on the specific needs of organizations, including on-site and virtual training options.

   - **Employee Development Plans**: Development and implementation of comprehensive employee development plans to enhance skills and career progression.

The Girl In The Gap Academy focuses on providing practical, impactful training solutions that empower individuals to reach their full potential and help organizations build a skilled, dynamic workforce.

Our twin boys, Jake and Liam, participated in 'The I.T. Factor' summer coding program, and it was a game-changer for them. Both of our sons have different learning styles and interests, and the program was able to cater to each of them individually. Jake, who loves gaming, was thrilled to learn how games are developed, while Liam, who is more into web design, enjoyed creating his own website. The hands-on projects and the collaborative environment kept them engaged and eager to learn more. The skills they acquired over the summer have given them a solid foundation in technology, and they've become more confident in their abilities. We highly recommend 'The I.T. Factor' to any parent looking to give their child a head start in the world of coding and technology.

David and Brittney Roberts

"As a parent, I was thrilled to see my daughter, Emily, so engaged and enthusiastic about learning during her time in 'The I.T. Factor' summer coding program. Emily has always had a knack for technology, but this program really helped her take that interest to the next level. The instructors were incredibly supportive and made complex concepts accessible and fun. Emily not only learned coding languages but also developed critical thinking and problem-solving skills. She came home after every class excited to share what she had learned and even started working on her own coding projects. 'The I.T. Factor' truly ignited a passion in her, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience."

Syriah Miller

"My son, Brice participated in 'The I.T. Factor' summer coding program, and it was an incredible experience for him. Brice has always been curious about how things work, and this program satisfied that curiosity in the best possible way. The curriculum was well-structured, starting with the basics and gradually introducing more advanced topics. What impressed me the most was the way the instructors made learning fun and interactive. Brice particularly enjoyed the group projects, where he learned the importance of teamwork and communication. Since completing the program, Brice has expressed a strong interest in pursuing a career in technology. 'The I.T. Factor' didn’t just teach him coding; it inspired him to dream big and follow his passion."

Bakari Smith

workforce and professional development

At The Girl In The Gap Academy, we are dedicated to empowering learners to bridge the gap between education and the professional world through comprehensive career, workforce, and professional development programs. Our mission is to cultivate the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed for our students to excel in their chosen fields and become leaders in their communities.

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The  Girl in The Gap Academy offers custom training solutions facilitated by subject matter experts. We utilize innovative resources to provide high quality training in the industry.

Yes, We provide customized Group and Corporate Training where our Instructors will come to your location o deliver training.

With the exception of The Mentoring Program and Introduction to Web Development, all courses run every six weeks with two weeks in between each session.

The Mentoring Program is offered one a year and runs for 12 weeks. 

The Introduction to Web Development course runs for 8- 2 weeks during the Summer and 12 weeks during the Fall and Spring.

Courses range from $99 to $1,000.

Cost are determined based on individual training, programs and corporate training.

Please inquire with our Program Coordinator for

course cost regarding the course you are interested in for discounts, savings and payment options.

Our courses are designed to prepare learners while we

focus on empowering learner through a combination of skill-building, mentorship, and community support, with the goal of bridging gaps in various industries.

We collaborate with partners, employers and organizations that share our commitment to serving our community.